The Gallery of Hope

part 2

A little realxing before...
a Little bit of playing....
....and running
It is a done deal!!
The mating of Hope with Stavropol

21 -22 June 2007

Hope is waiting for 'HIM' again

Hope at the Belgian Breeding Special in Nieuwekerken(B) in 2007

Hope 1 Excellent Champion-Classe N.V.B.H. Clubmatch in Deurne (N.L.) May 2007

Hope is doing the Charactertest of the N.V.B.H.
The market and inclusion
the dropping of the flag The strange cart that is coming at her
Hope past her test
How to be alone Changing band for the Defencepart

The French Special of the C.F.C.B.B. in Commentry (Fr)

And this is how Hope-Cheyenne became Portuguese Champion and Lisbon Winner in Lisbon, July 2006
The exhibitiongrounds
The judging on saturday morning Hope is being judged
Hope is checking it out
The corner of the Portuegese Club.
and Hope is showing herselve
The best Groenendael, Laekenois and Tervueren.
Denya the Laekenois and Hope de Tervueren
The judging of Hope at the Special of the Portuguese Club of Belgian Sheperds

Hope, On Holliday and DogShow in Portugal 2005
Rennen met Denjah.
Spelen is altijd leuk!!
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