The Gallery of Hope
Sheepherding at the Clubmatch by Hope.

Thanks to R. Baltus for the beautifull pictures

a little movie Sheepherding by Hope at the Dutch Specialty (12 mb)
Hope becomes Nr. 1 in the Youthclass at the Belgian Special
A reunion at Kennel 'van de Weiwakers'
Playing all together.... in the cold snow
1 Excellent and reserve C.A.C. for Hope at the Show in Eindhoven
Just some Pictures
Hope-Xeyenne with her sister Sammy at the Show in Uden!!
Playing in the yard with Huey
It is tiring at a show when you are that young
Puppy Classes at the Dogggy school....The first time
On a nice Whit Sunday playing at the beach!!
At the Belgium Specialty with Hayley and Huey
Just at Home......
I can allready sit.
In the new garden at Fixie and Hayley's House
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