Scandinavië-Tour 2008
Our Vacation to Scandinavie started on saturday-morning 28th june 2008 at 5 o'clock
The first day we drove to Odense in Denmark
Sunday -evening we arrived in Stockholm at Carin Lyrholm's of Groenendael Kennel A-Te-Ell

Drukte op de kade
A tour in a beautifull old city on foot and by boat !!
Hop-on Hop-off rondvaart Een schitterend oud jacht
Een tochtje met de rondvaart boot
Het Nationaal Museum Het pretpark op een van de eilandjes Een overzicht van de eilandjes in Stockholm
De Kade Het torentje van het Noords Museum
De woonplaats van Pippi Langkous
Het Vasa Museum

A very nice tour on the Viking-eiland Birka and Adelso
A Story about a Viking told by a Viking
With a beautifull view !!
In the Museum are the models
The home of the Viking and a beautifull carved old oak

On Sunday july 6th we left for Norway very early
Randi and Lars Asper at Aspergard

Groenendael kennel:

Champs du Trefle

A day at the amusementpark "Tusenfryd"

And a long drive to the gorgeous Fjorden in the west

A very nice surrounding at the Asper - Farm

A day in Oslo..Vigeland Sculpture park

Fram-museet in Oslo

A trip to Hamar and Lillehammer.
The Olympic Museum in Lillehammer

The room we stayed in at the Asper Farm was great
All the dogs toghether

The Tour continue's from Norway to Stockholm in Sweden to Turku in Finland
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