Circuit-Show & World Dog Show Sweden

& the Finnish Special

On thirsday the 3th of july there was a Special for Belgian Sheperds in Almare Stäket in Kungsängen in Sweden .
Een Overzicht van al de kleurrijke tentjes !!
De jeugd heeft de toekomst een paar Jeugd reuen
En hij ook !! De 4 Varieteiten
De keurmeester betast en bekijkt ze goed

Hope- Cheyenne in action in the Open class Bitches were she ended on the second place with an Excellent
Showen vind Hope nog steeds leuk ! Dat gaat niet meer zo soepel
Lopen samen met mij ??
Many thanks to Rui Monteiro who presented Hope outstanding :)
Onze goede vriend Rui doet het graag en Hope ook
Uiteindelijk word ze 2de Uitmuntend

Friday the 4th of July......the big day.... the World Dog Show in the Stockholm International Fairs
sorry about the quality of the pictures do to trambling hand and a lot of nerves !!
1 Excellent CAC + CACIB + B.O.B.+ World Winner' 08
And off course thanks Rui for showing our Hope.

You were Fantastic !!!

On Saturday 5 juli there was a great party with a lot of Laekenois, 2 Groenendaels and one great Tervueren our Hope
Give Hope a bal and some Laekenois and she can play and entertain herself all evening long.
Well I do not know what to think of this

On Saturday the 19th of july there was the Finnish Special for Belgian Sheperds in Kangasala in Finland
Very Many thanks to Mari Rissanen for the excellent showing of Hope !!
Click on a picture to see a larger version!!