The mating and pregnancy of Gaisha
Gaisha is gone in heat on 22 januari., a little bit earlier then we expected We all agreed, Jerry and Mario would go to Finland to Kennel Cäsarborgs of Harri and Mirja Gröhn. They own Kensis van de Weiwakers, the male we would like to use.
The car has to go on the boat
The bench for Gaisha on the boat
Sitting in the chairs and sleeping on the floor!!

Watching a movie and wait,wait......

Some fresh air for a moment on deck........and that beautifull sunset
After 20 hours on that boat......finaly the space and beauty of a white Finland
It really is a stunning landscape
Kensis wants to try allready but Gaisha clearly is not ready yet, she's chasing him off.
Day 12...Gaisha now is completly ready.....the mating took place
Saying goodbye to Kensis v.d. Weiwakers and to Finland
One week after we got home we noticed a different Gaisha, a change in behaviour. Gaisha is not the cuddling type, only with people she knows very well. But now...she will climb on every body's lap, and if she could she would all day long.
Almost 7 weeks pregnant
Tja... daar sta je dan
Ergens onder liggen kan nog wel
Ligt toch best lekker hier.
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